31 AOUT 22

SMT: Add only what is shown here:

You need:

BCM847 – (Mouser: 771-BCM847DS115 ) Matched NPN – Marked N on PCB
BCM856 – (Mouser: 771-BCM856DS115 ) Matched PNP – Marked P on PCB
8 x 100N BP caps 0805 or 0603
4 x 47pf caps 0805 or 0603
2 x 1K resistors 0805
6 x 100K resistors 0805
2 x 150K resistors 0805 – Marked RG on PCB

List of TH parts:

NOTE – the 15K above the 680R by the power input should be a 24K or 27K, this sets output level for the MAIN output.
NOTE – the 4N7 styrene timing cap could be a 2N2, 3N, 3N3 etc, I have found tracking is a bit better with 2N2 or 3N, I use 3N as I found 100 cheap ages ago.
NOTE – the two unmarked electrolytics above the power input are 10uF
NOTE – the two unmarked caps above the above caps are TH 5mm LS 100NF BP caps


1 x TL071
1 x TL072
1 x CA3140
1 x CA3080 (or AS3080 etc)
1 x 2N3906 (marked Q1)
1 x MPF102

1 x 2K Tempco – solder over the top of SMT transistor pairs, pads marked TC
2 x Beads (marked BEAD)

1 x 100K multiturn trim – Initial Freq
1 x 100R multiturn trim – 1V/oct
1 x 1M single turn trim – Waveshape adjust – Set panel shape pot to sine and adjust this trimmer for sine.
1 x 20K single turn trim – Sine shape pot, adjust for nice sine

1 x 100PF ceramic cap (or plastic etc)
1 x 220PF ceramic cap (or plastic etc)
1 x Polystyrene timing cap – see NOTE above
1 x 15uF or 10uF cap for LIN FM pot (not soldered to PCB!)
2 x 10uF electrolytics
2 x 100N TH BP ceramic

You should match these:

2 x 1N4148
2 x 330K res
2 x 680R res

They are located just above the J201

Resistors, apart from those discussed already, you need these as well as the above:

1 x 2R2 0.5W res
1 x 10R 0.5W res
1 x 390R
1 x 470R
2 x 680R
1 x 1K8
1 x 2K2
1 x 2K49
2 x 3K3
1 x 4K99
2 x 6K8
1 x 6K81
4 x 10K
3 x 15K
1 x 24K or 27K
1 x 33K
2 x 68K
5 x 100K
1 x 150K
3 x 330K
1 x 390K
1 x 680K
2 x 820K
1 x 1M5
1 x 2M
1 x 4M7

Wiring – first solder a wire from PULS pad to one of the IN pads on the SMT TL074 output buffers, solder another wire from TRI pad to the other IN pad. Mark which is which and use relevant OUT pads at bottom of PCB for PULSE and TRIANGLE outputs