20th Mai 2020 – Added some stuff
5th August 2019 – Added wiring diagram for 2″ version.
4th August 2019 – Added new 2″ panel (without VCA).

New 2″ panel:

Page refers to original CGS202 PCB, apparently PCB has undergone a redesign by Elby to CGS522 so this page might have to be updated at some point.

The PCB (CGS 202) is/was available from Modular Addict and Elby, and more detailed construction notes are here

The 2 inch panel also requires a CGS 04 DC Mixer, available from Modular Addict and Elby

This panel utilises Clee’s 4U Bracket, also available from Synthcube and Modular Addict










But the panel at SYNTHCUBE  !

This build uses a CGS 202 PCB, a CGS 64 VCA for VC feedback, and a CGS 81 (or CGS 04) to mix the signals, as documented in the wiring diagram.

See Elby for further build information.

If you like you could use the other half of the CGS 81 as an attenuverter to invert the phase of the AUX signal (see diagram). Totally inverting the phase leads of course to cancellation, in this case maybe also changing the gain of the attenuverter would be interesting. Or you could use the CGS 81 to fade between LOWER and UPPER outputs (using a dual pot for AUX) for the feedback (I’ve not tried that myself though).

Listen to a demo of the feedback here!