14th August 2019 – Added wiring for dual version etc…

4th August 2019 – Added page, added pictures, links etc

Currently offering two versions for this module, a 1″ Single ASR and a 2″ Dual ASR:

Of course the dual version requires two CGS 34 PCBs (only one CLee bracket though).

The PCB (CGS 34) is available from Modular Addict and Elby, and more detailed construction notes are here

This panel utilises CLee’s 4U Bracket, also available from Synthcube and Modular Addict



NOTE: This design uses one SPDT ON-ON toggle, one 3PDT ON-ON toggle, one DPDT ON-ON-ON toggle.

Switch truth table – A is left, B is right – great results can be obtained by fiddling with the switches in a perfomative fashion: