This following page details a possible means of construction for the CGS 36 PCB utilising the single function 4U panel from Loudest Warning. Note that the design at left is for version 1.4 of Ken’s PCB, as it has the XOR/XNOR function, if you like I can provide a panel for the earlier versions without this functionality.

The PCB’s (CGS 36) are available from Ken Stone here and more detailed construction notes (and information about the module) are here

This panel is at the moment available directly from me, you can contact me here

This panel utilises Clee’s 4U Bracket, also available from Synthcube and Thonk.

As with all of my panels, this is module/panel is designed to be mounted into a case using euro-rack rails, more information on mounting can be found here.

The picture at left shows the panel with red banana jacks denoting pulse outputs and white banana jacks denoting pulse inputs (logic signals). If building to the ‘Serge’ standard, all banana jacks should be red.


This panel uses 3mm LED’s, to mount these I use the Tru-Opto lenses available from Rapid (in the UK), either standard or low-profile are available, the picture shows ‘standard’ lenses, these poke out of the panel, the low-profile ones don’t. The lenses are on this page of the Rapid website, order numbers 55-1002 for low-profile, 55-1006 for standard. Mouser appear to sell the same lenses, going by the mfr part numbers (SMB200CTP for low-profile, SML190CTP for standard). Mouser numbers are 593-2000C for low-profile and 593-1900C for standard. (NOTE – I’ve not ordered the Mouser ones myself, just cross-referenced the MFR part numbers)