Avril 2021 New panel, new Elby 354 PCB:

Panel wiring etc, as shown in diagram (INITIAL wired between + and -V ) the INITIAL pot acts as CV attenuator as you turn CCW and offset as you turn CW, you may prefer it as shown on the ELBY page. I use the LINK switch to send the output of the lower VCA in to the upper one, so you can VCA VCA, or just have a 4 input VCA with two inputs VCA’ed with a separate signal. For example you could use the lower one for VC AM audio stuff, and shape the output with the upper one, whilst mixing in another sound source.

The INV CV switch inverts CV response, either normal (pos CV increases gain) or inverted (pos CV decreases gain)







The PCB’s (CGS 64) are available from Modular Addict and Elby, and more detailed construction notes are here

The Loudest Warning Dual VCA panel is available from Modular Addict.

This panel utilises Clee’s 4U Bracket, also available from Synthcube and Thonk and Modular Addict

dual vca wiring