27 Sept 2021 – Added link to Ken’s original page.

31 Mars 2021 – Added CGS381 info, scroll down for old 81

Link to Ken’s original site with some more circuit explanation





7th Sept 2019 – Added wiring for 1″ panel.

4th August 2019 – Added new panels, 2″ version and 1″ version, both with switch to turn off the DC offset so that modules can be used with audio. Updated links to Elby and panels.

2″ version:

1″ version:

The PCB (CGS 81) is available from Modular Addict and Elby, and more detailed construction notes are here

Modular Addict currently stock the 1″ Mixer / Processor panel

This panel utilises Clee’s 4U Bracket, also available from Synthcube and Modular Addict




CGS 81 1


Wiring the 2″ DualĀ  Processor panel:

dual PRC wiring


1″ Mixer / Processor panel wiring:

mix pro wiring

1″ Mixer / Processor panel :