4th August 2019 – Added page.

Nov 2020 – added…

You could use the special rails for the pots, or you could use stripboard – I now use special PCBs but this first one was stripboard… Preparing pots:

TOP TIP – use the T18 pots as the knobs are cheaper!

Mount panel components:

Lay in your first wires, refer to CGS page

Lazily I then solder all the wires to the PCB cut to the longest length (maybe 10″?) you can use the offcuts for your next project, mount PCB on right angled brackets on standoffs:

I used the same colours for the pads in each stage, you can do what the hell you like… I also wired the LED K’s to the GND pads on the pots to save 8 wires…

Make it neat and get started:

Do the front edge first, skip switches etc:

Once that is done use solid bare wire to run the pot busses:

Do the rest of the wiring to pots and sockets as normal…

Diagrams: Don’t forget J->J and G->G on the PCB