If you would like your panel to look exactly like the one above, here is a Mouser BOM (copy’n’paste into BOM uploader)

530-108-0906-1 | 10
530-108-0902-1 | 4
611-8125-241 | 1
611-801803000 | 1
611-702501201 | 1
593-3000Y | 10

Note that I’ve followed Ken’s suggestion of using orange bananas for the OR wireable outputs. If you would prefer a black or white button cap swap 611-801803000 for 611-801801000 (white) or 611-801802000 (black). You do not need the dress nut, if you don’t like it you can attach the switch with the supplied (normal) nut.

593-3000Y are yellow LED lenses, you can also get clear (593-3000C), red (593-3000R) and probably some horrible colours like blue and green too…


All CGS build info is now at Laurie Biddulph’s Elby site (where you can also buy the full range of CGS and CGS/Serge PCBs and other great stuff)…

Look at THIS PAGE for more information.

Mouser BOM coming soon



This one goes 1 – 10 downwards, if you want it to sequence upwards do it the other way.