Note that many – if not most – of these panels don’t exist apart from as drawings!


There are many variants of this one, this was the first I think, in paperface:

Dual 258 VCO with Serge Tripe Wave Shaper above, CV Processor, Wave Multipliers, SSG, Noise, Dual Slope Generator, VCFQ, Dual VCA, Stereo Mixer. This (I think) actually got built like this:

Or maybe not! This added the NCOM and some other mods, moved the VCA to an in-between slot.

This became the first metal version with some amendments, here in STS banana colour scheme. This added the Ring Mod in the space created by the slimmed down Slopes (DTG vs full VCS):

Which became:

Adding individual PULSE and TRIANGLE outputs for each VCO and some extra mods and sockets, and here in my own colour scheme:

This had been versioned many many times, for example here:

This moves the Ring Mod into the in-between spaces and adds and LPG in it’s column.

Here’s another version:

The Ring Mod was always a point of abrasion so the 73 VCF started appearing, a change big enough to need a new name:


This again got versioned, Resonant EQ instead of Stereo Mixer, and became:



One interesting version was Orange Street Special:


This one had the first appearence of the Butterfly SSG.

Another butterfly type design, this time dual 5-step Programmers


Quite an interesting ‘Buchla’ panel, with dual Slope Detectors, YuSynth Comparator, Dave Dixon’s QFG, Mutable Blinds Polarizer type thing, NLC Triple Sloths and a quad LPG